2016 Arsenic Lobster Poetry Prize 



Misty Publications received a number of amazing manuscripts! Thank you to all who submitted. Congratulations to Emilie Lindemann! And to all the finalists.

ANNOUNCING THE WINNER of the Arsenic Lobster Poetry Prize:
mother-mailbox, Emilie Lindemann

An Accidental Species, Carol Berg
Echo’s Recipe, Theodore Worozbyt
The System of Enchantment, Kristine Ong Muslim


Submissions for the first Arsenic Lobster Poetry Prize are closed for 2016. We received many amazing manuscripts and will be announcing a winner by early April.


2016 Misty Publications Call for Submissions

The Arsenic Lobster Poetry Prize

Begins on 02/01/2016

Ends on 02/29/2016


Misty Publications has been publishing the Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal (arseniclobster.magere.com) since 2004 and full length poetry manuscripts since 2012 (mistypublications.com). This is our first call for submissions to The Arsenic Poetry Prize. You MUST BE a past contributor to the Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal in order to submit and you must provide a link to your contribution from the ArsenLob archives.

 In the spirit of Arsenic Lobster – Misty Publications prefers poetry with duende.  



1. In the body of your email, provide a BRIEF cover letter with the link to your Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal contribution AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE (if you do not provide this, your submission will be deleted and unread), name, contact information, and a brief bio. If you like, you may include a few words on your full-length project - again, this is not required.

2. Manuscripts should be previously unpublished and between 60 to 100 pages. 

3. Send manuscripts to lobster@magere.com.Provide the following information in the subject line: ARSENIC POETRY PRIZE First initial. Last Name. DATE.

4. There is NO FEE but you must be a past contributor to Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal. NO EXCEPTIONS. Submissions close on 02/29/2016 at midnight Central Time.


The winner will be announced as soon as it is humanly possible.  

We look forward to reading your submissions!


Winner will receive the following: 

• Publication by Misty Publications with a minimum print run of 350 (overrun to be determined by presales). We are truly a small press and you will work closely with us.

• 50 author copies

• Help with planning and promoting an opening book tour

• Featured author page/book page on the Misty Publications website


Misty Publications may also offer publication to manuscripts beyond the winner. Those authors will receive everything listed above.


Misty Publications reserves the right to choose no winner.



Tip the Lobster  – feel free to send a few bucks (if you like, all tips will simply help Misty Publications publish books) via PayPal to  lobster@magere.com  It will have no bearing on your submission.  


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